RQECG has three major Emphases:

  • Accountability: All of our consultants and educators are held accountable for our adult clients' progress. The total educational team at each preparatory technical and education center are responsible for how well our adult clients are taught.

  • Basic: Educational and Technical Centers are to focus on care of a good, solid education; reading, writing and mathematics in education and skill development are mandatory in our teaching.

  • Control: Individual Preparatory, Tech-nical and Educational Centers are given maximum flexibility to decide where to channel their efforts and resources to achieve success for our adult clients.  

Successful Work Team
Successful Work Team

Hands In
Hands In

Successful Work Team
Successful Work Team




It is our Vision that our clients, students, workers, and community view RQECG as an integral part of the whole school experience in supporting their growth and development. We are committed to excellence in everything we do and will continually strive to reach optimum performance for our adult clients, helping them to achieve a Middle-Skill Job.





RQECG works with each adult client to design the best Middle-Skilll Jobs program for desired outcomes. Each course selection is placed in a Career Cluster.


Once the Adult Student Client has completed GED requirements or received a High School Diploma via a partnered school district, then industry-validated knowledge and skills statements are identified  based on what the student should know and be able to do, to be successful in CTE skill training programs. We will prepare our adult clients for success in a broad range of occupations/career specialties. Some CTE courses cross many Career Clusters to ensure success in a Middle-Skill Job.


"We have a testimonial. We believe in creative leadership, cutting-edge curriculum design, and effective instructional delivery for an ever-changing global economy.  Our work is respected and has meaning and value to the individual, the employer, and society regardless of the level of financial compensation. Lastly, our company has the ability to adapt and upgrade our efforts to support the individual skills and educational needs of our clients in a rapidly changing world."






The Mission of Rutter's Quality Educational Consulting Group, Inc. (RQECG) is to empower our adult clients in their roles as parents, family members, workers, leaders and community members. We  promote lifelong learning and the development of problem solving skills through a continuum of services, GED Preparation, and Career and Technical Education as we embrace the training for Middle-Skill Level Jobs in a Global Economy.