We Offer:
  • Customized training, with defined training goals and objectives to meet Middle-Skill jobs 
  • Specific curriculum with courses developed for an occupation and career in Middle-Skill jobs
  • Strong support in General Education Development (GED) toward a certificate, diploma, and career in technical training for middle-skill jobs and beyond 
The Mission of RQECG is to collaborate and empower adults in their roles as parents, family members, workers and community members.  We promote lifelong learning and the development of problem solving skills through a continuum of services for Career and Technical Education.
We collaborate with school districts, community colleges, employment and state education agencies, local city government and communities to meet their educational challenges by providing a Non-Profit Community-based training program in adult education, leadership and Technical Training and General Education development.
We offer high school dropouts, CTE students, and the general public employment training in the middle-skill job market and educational opportunities, including occupational education without regards to sex, race, color, national origin or handicap. 
Occupational education options include secondary programs for high school students, basic occupational programs for classified students with disabilities and occupational needs requiring a specialized and supportive approach, the Alternative High School, and the Incarcerated Youth/Adult Programs. Vocational training for adults is available Monday through Friday, Saturday and evenings. 
We believe that contemporary public PK-12 education is in need of a paradigm shift.  RQECG is comprised of a past superintendent, school administrators, teachers, technology researchers, evaluators, accountants, human resource professional, youth specialist, ministers, attorneys and writers who all have a passion for creating structural changes in public education and Career and Technical Education. Many of us are survivors of the disparaging data that plagued disadvantaged children and adult students throughout our long careers.

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