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Rutter's Quality Educational Consulting Group, Inc. (RQECG) is a Non-Profit Middle-Skill's Job Education and Training program for those adults with at least a General Education Development Certificate or a High School Diploma, but less than a four-year College Degree.  The CEO/President, James N. Rutter, leads RQECG to help facilitate support to adults in need for employment in Middle-Skill Jobs.


America faces a deep, systemic economic problem today that threatens to undetermine the programs, policies and industries that have long made us strong. Our rankings as a national innovator are slipping. With layoffs, state budget cuts, housing foreclosures, and business shutdowns dominating headlines for the past years some may believe that America's economy has gone into a permanent decline.


America has been through econonic crises, before and we have always found our way out of them. The question this time around is whether we can develop the policies to prepare our workforce for a future turnaround. To do this, we must understand what kind of jobs will be in demand, and to begin to prepare our workforce for them now in Middle-Skill Jobs.


Despite all the changes and challenges, Middle-Skill Jobs represent that largest share of jobs in the United States of America---some 49%---and the largest share of future job openings. Middle-Skill Jobs are those that require more than a high school diploma but less than a bachelor's degree. Our goal is to establish General Educational Development, Adult Education, and Career Technical Education programs for special populations, non-traditional adults that make up the Middle-Skill Jobs. We intend to work with the unemployed, high school dropouts, incarcerated young and older adults, veterans, economically disadvantaged that are uneducated, unskilled and unemployed, disabled, and displaced homemakers.  Our goal is to "Catch a Falling Star" and empower each one to shine once again as a successful citizen, worker and leader in communities and in America's Global Economy.


Lastly, we understand the dynamics of the Middle-Skill Job market that is present throughout the United States, and our mission to "Catch a Falling Star," is to help resolve the unemployment, education and career training needs of the 49% of Americans in our Middle-Skill Job market.


Having duly examined educational facilities in Michigan and New York, we are confident that our proposed services will effectively be addressed in those states. Our goal is to establish 16 vocational cluster programs with 79 career pathways for our potential adult Middle-Skill Job clients in established Career and Technical Education centers in those states, eventually expanding to additional states.  The following clusters will be our focus:


Architecture and Construction, Air-Conditioning, Refrigeration & Heating (HVAC), Arts, A/V Computer Technology & Communication, Transportation, Distribution & Logistics, Business Management & Administration, Cosmetology, Education & Training, Electrical, Healthcare-HCR, Welding-WLD, PowerVoltics Technology-PVT, Adult Classes in Our Community, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Marketing, Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security and Hospitality & Tourism.





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